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About us

KnowledgeCurry is an online education platform that provides smart & effective learning methodology. It is for 11th, 12th JEE (IIT/Engineering) & NEET(MBBS/Medical) aspirant students across India. Student’s lives are increasingly hectic. Due to competitive world students are in under deep stress. Learning should be fun, easy and effective. So we can do better at colleges and still have time to enjoy life. At KnowledgeCurry, we have developed a simple, fun and scalable platform that delivers smart learning modules for your selected Subjects/Chapters/Topics.

Combining world-class audio/visual content, comprehensive notes, and strong assessment engine, with a state-of-the-art engagement platform, KnowledgeCurry aspires to offer you the best in digital learning to complement your classroom learning anytime, anywhere.

KnowledgeCurry represents a strategic initiative of a digital education, a fast-growing education startup focused on bringing access to the best knowledge preparation to the students nationwide.

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Get it on Google Play